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Main Description

Torch is a horror game from the top down perspective. The game is getting two separate editions one to please PC gamer's and one to please mobile gamers. The game does not use jump scares but instead relies on tension and the unknown to drive the horror. It achieves this by procedural generating a random map layout with random objects and decor then picks one monster out of our steadily growing group of horrific creatures including clowns, mutants, poltergeist, killer robots, freak mutants, aliens, and a giant centipede baby that slithers in the dark. Each monster has separate ways of scaring the player and the player must also adapt quickly on how to hide and escape from the selected monster. The darkness around the map creates a feeling of uncertainty only being able to see a few feet all around you to give you a torch like feeling. All art work is hand drawn and imported into photo shop then edited and placed accordingly into the game!


Complete level randomization!
Multiple monsters to be chased by with more to come in the future!
Multiple characters!
Different tactics to defeat each monster!
Pretty hand drawn art!
A very active developer!
atmospheric music done by Jassummisko!


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